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Youth Services

You or someone you hang with?

Youth Services is a program for people 16 and 17 years old who want and need help because they are at risk of abuse or mistreatment at home or they don't have a parent to provide for them.

What's in it for me?

Youth Services focuses on safety, health and well-being. Your family is an important part of your health and well-being. Services such as counselling and mediation, or any other service that helps people remain in, or return to, their family home can be provided to the entire family or to individuals in the family.

Other services may be directed at helping people transition to adulthood such as counselling, problem solving, teaching life skills, or even assisting people in securing and maintaining suitable living arrangements with a plan to return home or to move to independent living.

You can be referred to or apply for youth services by contacting the Child Youth and Family Services Division closest to where you live.

Below are some numbers to get more info.

Eastern Region:

  • St. Johns/Conception Bay South: 752-4160
  • Bay Roberts/Harbour Grace: 786-5214
  • Whitbourne/Placentia/Holyrood: 227-0130
  • Burin Peninsula: 891-5025
  • Bonavista: 468-1000
  • Clarenville: 466-5700

Central Region

  • Grand Falls-Windsor: 292-1210
  • Gambo: 674-5509

Western Region

  • Corner Brook: 637-2686
  • Stephenville: 643-8601

Labrador Region

  • Happy Valley - Goose Bay: 896-2494 ext. 225
  • Northern Labrador: 992-1251
  • Southern Labrador: 457-2284 ext. 255
  • Western Labrador: 282-3951
  • Natuashish: 478-8925
  • Shetshatshiu: 497-8555

18 or older?

If you are 18 or older you can apply for youth services through the Department of Human Resources, Labour and Employment.

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